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Our Philosophy

Our mission at Out of the RED-S is to serve as a virtual community and set of resources for endurance athletes around the world. We offer resources in the form of educational videos, stories in a podcast format, and a toolkit of literature, articles, and other websites to provide flexible learning options for everyone.

Our goal is to build the strongest, happiest, and most sustainable endurance athletes. To do this, we encourage and celebrate trusting our bodies, the cues they send us, and communities where rest and working hard are equally valued.


My name is Erin Finn

I am a fourth year medical student, NCAA All-American, Big Ten Champion and record holder, and former University of Michigan athlete.

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About the Out of the RED-S team.

I had a successful career at the University of Michigan as an NCAA DI All-American and Big Ten Champion, but I dealt with many injuries and attenuated response to training due to poor nutritional intake and rest. I am grateful for my career, but wonder what achievements were left on the table as a result of my poor fueling. This has made me passionate about helping others avoid the mistakes I unknowingly made.
I have studied epidemiology as a masters student and am completing a medical degree with a special focus on the scholarship of education and learning. With this training, I want to harness my skills to provide a resource that would have made a world of difference to me as a high school and collegiate athlete. 

Special thanks to Jess Pidgeon, Holly Bischof, R.N., Becca Addison, R.D., and Traci Carson, Ph.D. for their help in creating the videos and looking over Out of the RED-S content.



Biochemistry, B.S.
University of Michigan

College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

As an undergraduate while on the Michigan cross country and track and field teams, I studied biochemistry in preparation for medical school through the Department of Chemistry, where I was awarded the Departmental Award for Biochemistry and graduated with Highest Distinction.


Epidemiology, M.P.H.
University of Michigan

School of Public Health

At the School of Public Health, I was introduced to biostatistics and research study design. This equipped me with the skills to study educational interventions that I am now pursuing.



University of Michigan

Medical School

I will be completing my M.D. in May 2023, after which I will begin a residency in Adult Neurology. I have had a special focus on education and teaching while in medical school; my goal is to become a physician with the exceptional teaching skills who also rigorously studies teaching methods to advance the field. 

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