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We all have stories...

Let's share our struggles, triumphs, and aspirations as we rise together.



Kassidy Johnson Rejects Diet Culture

Kassidy Johnson is an NCAA DI distance runner who is has battled RED-S. Listen in to hear how she has come out of the RED-S by rejecting diet culture. Listen to this episode on Spotify.


Taylor Loth and Accidental Undereating

Taylor brings dual wisdom as both a medical student and athlete on her journey out of the RED-S. She details inadvertent (i.e., accidental) undereating and how she used the help of a sports nutritionist to find freedom in athletics and life. Also, are you finding yourself more irritable on occasion? This episode might provide an explanation on why. Listen to this episode of Spotify.


Ben Flanagan and Learning to Trust Himself

Ben Flanagan shares how learning to trust himself, from his hunger cues and body cues, allowed him to let go of a vice grip control on his life and come out of the RED-S and into Canadian records. He also speaks on the importance of a team in giving him the support to take that first step to trust himself. Listen to this episode on Spotify.


Catherine and Coaching the Next Generation

Listen in on how Catherine uses her own story to inform how she coaches the next generation of endurance athletes. She takes what she learned and empowers her athletes today to make better decisions. Listen to this episode on Spotify.


Ellie Pell and Self Awareness in the Process

Ellie describes how a process of self awareness empowered her to battle society's backwards standards and eating disorders. She teaches us about the beauty of continuing to improve her relationship with eating and food. By not falling into the trap of "arriving", Ellie shows us how to enjoy the process of continually working toward healing. Listen to this episode on Spotify.


Tabea Kandlbauer and Entreating Athletes, Coaches, and Medical Professionals to Act on Amenorrhea

Tabea tells her story of weird injuries and health problems that were likely a result of RED-S. She expresses dismay at how long her amenorrhea (i.e., lack of menstrual period) was ignored by team medical professionals and how instrumental one of her coaches was in helping her get healthy again. Listen to this episode on Spotify.


Elise's Tips on Staying Out of the RED-S when it Mischievously Knocks

Are you making decisions out of fear or confidence? Listen in as elite distance runner Elise Cranny of the Bowerman Track Club speaks on how she notices whether the decisions she makes are a manifestation or RED-S rearing its sinister head or rather a courageous training decision. Elise drops countless pearls on how to live out of the RED-S despite the syndrome's deceitful tendency to recur. This one is a great listen if you're looking for strategies to remain out of the RED-S! Listen to this episode on Spotify.


Erin Fredrickson Asks Why to Get Out of the RED-S

Are you trying to get out of the RED-S, but don't know where to start? Dr. Erin Fredrickson goes deep to give real life advice on how to take the first extraordinarily difficult steps to get out of the RED-S. Hint: it involves asking why and asking for help. She also dishes out practical tips on how to fuel with a busy job! This podcast is not medical advice. Listen to this episode on Spotify.

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